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FutureWear Group collaborates with academia and research centers to provide insights to the textile and fashion industry, investors, and the broader business community. These cover areas along the supply chain challenges such as sustainable business practices, regulatory changes, quality standards, certification landscape, consumer behaviors, and Gen Z / Gen Alpha Trends as well as perspectives from Thought Leaders.

Current research study

"How can elements from existing ESG platforms and frameworks be adopted for the fashion & textile industry to showcase measurable sustainability"?

In collaboration with masters student Elena Navarro from the Masters of Science in Innovation, Human Development, and Sustainability at the University of Geneva, Switzerlanland, we are exploring how existing ESG platforms and frameworks across the industry can be tailored to the Fashion & Textile Industry's unique needs, ultimately helping you adapt operational strategies and unlock new horizons for growth and resilience in the eco-conscious era.

Get a glimpse into our short intro video. 


Link to the survey, which will take approx 7 minutes. 

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