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Sustainability Innovation Advisory 

FutureWear Group helps Fashion and Textile businesses get new ways of solving challenges on their sustainability journey. We help companies establish clear sustainability priorities by addressing pain points along their value chain. These priorities link positive environmental and societal outcomes to competitive advantage and a cost-benefit approach.

Our Approach

Defining Sustainability Strategy and Tactics

We collaborate with senior management of brands and manufacturers to design strategies that maintain a focus on identifying and evaluating gaps across the value chain. Incorporating both current and future regulatory requirements is an integral aspect of our approach to developing sustainability strategies.


Making the Core Business Sustainable

We assist in assessing operations to construct more sustainable supply chains. This involves scouting, evaluating and advising on innovative solutions developed by pioneering innovators, tailored to various areas such as raw and advanced materials, processing, supply chain technology, traceability, and circular economic solutions. Additionally, we provide support in developing data and analytic metrics frameworks for measurement and reporting, facilitating informed decision-making.

Knowledge Transfer Program for 
Sustainability Transformation

To achieve sustainability transformation, companies should ensure they have the right know-how capabilities and tools. We provide ‘Knowledge-Transfer Programs’ together with industry experts and sustainability and innovation leaders within the areas: 

  • Pioneering sustainability tech innovations along the supply chain

  • Latest regulations, standards, and requirements

  • Quality requirements and the trusted certification landscape 

  • Foster a Culture of in-house innovations 

  • Consumer behavior and Generation Z & Alpha trends 

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