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A partner for the fashion and textile industry.
Everything we do contributes to creating a sustainable future.

About FutureWear Group

FutureWear Group guides and supports manufacturers and brands at various stages of the journey to transform their supply chain into a more sustainable, innovative, and effective one, utilizing three key pillars: 

  • Sustainability Innovation Advisory

  • Sustainable Venture Radar

  • Research & Thought Leadership


Sustainability Innovation Advisory

The landscape of the fashion and textile industry has undergone significant shifts, demanding companies to develop sustainability strategies, actively address grey areas in their supply chains, and create innovative business models that deliver both, financial gains and demonstrate a commitment to building a sustainable future.

There is a major opportunity to unlock new sources of growth through this transformational momentum, as policymakers, customers, investors, and employees expect them to play a role in addressing critical ecological and social challenges. FWG’s team and our pool of experts enable us to unlock this opportunity specific to your business and cultivate enduring cost-benefit and competitive advantages. 


Sustainability Ventures Radar

A successful sustainability transformation requires transparency. Our Sustainable Venture Radar provides access and leverages structured, verified ESG data analytics and facilitating the discovery of the most relevant innovative solutions and technologies of start-ups/scale-ups and private market companies, enabling a tailored approach to your sustainability transformation.


FutureWear Group collaborates with academia, research centers, and thought leaders to provide insights to our customers and partners in the business community. These cover areas along the supply chain, such as sustainable business practices, tech innovation adoption, cost-benefit evaluation, regulatory changes and quality standards, consumer behavior and new generation trends as well as perspectives from Thought Leaders.


Our current research project: 


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